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Moving Forward, Theres Still Time, 11/24/21

I'm still working on my vocals. I'm still working on understanding my speech, when sung. This is damage from a VA prescribed 2015 medicine overdose given to me by the contracted VA CBOC Provider in Macon Georgia. This messed up my eyesight, hearing, and speech for years now. YET, I'm still trying. My music carreer, the over 1000 written lyrical pieces is my future.

Why I'm The Way I Am To This Day

 All About Me
 All About Me Link. This link will take you a Webpage all about me. I provide this not to seek pity, sympathy, or attention. I do it to show that with all my US Government, Military (USAF), and VA caused medical problems, I still try to do something with my life. I have never given up on living my life to the fullest.