My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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My VA Medical Malpractice 01

History Of Events

The first instance was during a period of time, starting in early 2010 to mid 2011. I was under VA Vocational Rehabilitation, which as my VA assigned Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor told me, I was entitled to full VA medical care during that time. During this time they also found out that I had Diabetes in early 2010. This was nothing new to me, I had been borderline since 1995 and had suffered sudden on/off periods of full blown diabetes since the attack in October 1984.
What would happen here is that the VA Provider would provide Metformin which I was having a reaction to. They would refuse to give me anything else for high blood sugars. By Mid 2011, It took me having high blood sugars over 400, a visit to the local Emergency Room where I had at least a stroke, and a temporary fill-in provider at the Perry CBOC to finally get something different prescribed, this being insulin and needles.
I'd be so sick from this event that I failed out of all my summer classes at College. The Vocational Rehab had limits on how many classes you could fail, so getting a paid for degree through the VA was over. There was new medical problems from this, my eyesight was bad when I started college, all my books were translated into digital so I could increase the font to read them.
Now my eyes would not stay focused for any length of time anymore. I'd find myself crawling from my bed to the bathroom and back for several weeks after the Emergency Room visit. Many of my military medical problems would become more problematic then they had ever been. I'd go from needing a cane to walk with to a rollator to stabilize my legs while walking. When I complained about this, their responses were with skepticism, disbelief, and deaf ears.
The Second time was when the VA changed to shipping me my Insulin through the mail, the time frame was from mid 2011 to mid 2013. They started with overnight UPS, which was best, yet, as time went on, they went cheaper and cheaper with the shipping, 3 day USPS. They also never provided any cool packs with the shipped Insulin. This meant that my Insulin was being received damaged during the hotter months of the year as I measured the insulin bottles in several packages at over 100 degrees.
It took me having buy my insulin at the local pharmacy to correct most of the sicknesses that the over heated insulin was causing. This overheated insulin was not working right, which meant that I was using large amounts of this bad Insulin to control my blood sugars.
This meant I could no longer use the cheaper COPAY priced insulin from the VA, I had to pay full price and get a cheap generic at the local pharmacy. This overheated insulin caused even more nerve damage. When I complained about this, their responses were with even more skepticism, disbelief, and deaf ears.
The third time started in August 2015. The VA prescriber started prescribing me an overdose of Synthroid. I didn't see this when I started taking it. It only took a month later for me to having new permanent eyesight, hearing, and speech problems. When I tried to make them aware of this, they just kept on prescribing the same high dose.
I was forced to breaking those higher ug pills that I get into smaller pieces which makes getting the correct dose impossible. It becomes an average dose. When I complained about this, once again, they refused to respond to me, total skepticism, disbelief, and deaf ears. This lasted until the new CBOC was created.
The Carl Vinson VA Medical Center, during my Compensation & Pension appointments would deliberately fail me on my asthma tests. They would refuse to acknowledge the asthma tests done by an Army Medical Officer At Fort Gordon Georgia in ~late 1984 - early 1985. When I couldn't breathe into the machine the way they wanted me to, within a minute the person performing the test would immediately fail me.
No matter how many times I tried to tell them how my breathing problems came about, how I could never breathe right ever since, that this wasn't typical asthma, they would just insinuate that I was intentionally failing the test. I'd also figure out that their prescribing me asmanex was not helping my medical conditions either, it was hurting them. This asmanex inhaler was keeping me holding excessive water weight, edema, and making my blood sugars abnormally higher.

My Unique Point Of View

My point of view of the VA Medical System is unique. I was denied VA medical care in 1985/6, just after being discharged from the military. This taught me to continue taking care of my Military caused medical problems on my own. When I was allowed to use the VA Medical System in 2009, suddenly I realized that the VA was not able to take care of me the way I knew was best, and, when I tried to explained this to them, what I truly needed from them, it would always be denied.
My knowledge of Herbal use would be rejected by all of the VA providers I have had and it always put me at odds with them. YES, I KNEW BETTER since I have been the one treating my conditions since the October 1984 attack. My Military Medical problems are also unique and I alone have more knowledge about my needed treatment(s). They would learn a lot from me, yet, the VA regulations prevent them from doing so.
My knowledge of my own medical conditions made me aware when my conditions had sudden changes as explained above and that I knew what to look for when things had changed. I would zero in on the cause and fix it, unfortunately damage was done to my health every time. Most Disabled Veterans don't have this kind of inside knowledge. They think that newer medical problems are just the signs of life and it's just a progression of their overall medical conditions.
It's a shame that the VA is not geared to helping ALL Veterans have a better life. Yeah, most cases in the VA are easily covered up with some drug. It's the complex cases that they have no idea how to treat, and, like in my case, all they wanted to do was throw drugs at me and see what sticks. Well, I'm not the typical wall, their treatments never stuck. My knowledge of my medical problems has always overruled them, as I feel is a good thing.
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