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The Many Aspirations Of Billy Ray Fire

 Billy Ray Fire
This Website is only one of the few I will be using for the many ideas I have for creating my own kind of Artistic Works. It will bring together all kinds of life long written notes and diaries that I have kept secret for many years while working with the entertainment industry.
Oh, YES! I have quite a history to display to all. There is so much in my past that even to me at times it seems unbelievable. One just couldn't envision making up a life like mine. Yet, instead of always sounding like I'm only looking for a shoulder to cry on, it seems better to me to just turn all of it into Artistic Works.
My spirituality will be at the center of it all. Some may cry when they engage my Artistic Works. Others may laugh. No matter which emotional response you may have, I hope you enjoy the many stories I'm about to share with the world!