Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ

Amateur Radio Callsign AG4OJ

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Amateur Radio HotSpots And Repeaters

Due to the fact that I hold an Amateur Radio License and that this website deals with Amateur Radio Gear, I make the following statements. This website doesn't make any money, it's NOT A BUSINESS, never has been. Matter of fact, it costs me money every month to maintain this website. I don't solicit for funds or funding. There's NO irritating or scamming Website ads.
Even so, I will not discuss this website while talking on the Amateur Radio Bands. It can still be misconstrued as a business and cause unfortunate problems for all parties involved in the support and maintenance of this Website. This is the reason for taking this stance. Thanks for YOUR full cooperation and understanding in these matters.

The Nextion Display Code

Current Nextion Display Code Versions

April 20th, 2021, 210420A, Version A For The ON7LDS NDDC
April 21th, 2021, 210421B, Version B For The AG4OJ EDDC
 The Nextion Display Code
 The Nextion Display Code Link. This section of the website not only contains Our Nextion Display Code for HotSpot / Repeaters, there's even up-to-date User Databases for the DMR Digital Mode. We provide guides from building your own HotSpot / Repeater to customizing it. YES, Build it and Use it Guides!

The AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver Code

Current AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver Code Version: 210415 BETA

 The AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver Code
 The AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver Code Link. HELLO! Want to play?! FULL RELEASE version of the AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver Code is dated April 15th, 2021. Clicking this link will take you to the AG4OJ Enhanced Display Driver Code version where We're documenting, editing, and expanding it. ENJOY!

Running The MMDVMHost By Itself

The Project Of All Projects

We have started a third project here where We are running the MMDVMHost all by itself. This is almost completely controlled and modified by scripts. This one project here is in it's infancy, So, If you have anything to offer, We will gladly take a look at it. We have found plenty of information on setting the MMDVMHost up and getting it running with a MMDVM Modem Hat. It works great, nearly no CPU load at all.

All About Me, OH NO! Say It Isn't SO!

 Bill - AG4OJ
I've been A Professional Audio, Video, Broadcast, And Computer Engineer for over 40 years. The ending Title on my name, PE, Professional Engineer, a title earned through years of hard work, not pedigreed or bestowed upon, A Badge Of Real Honor, The ONLY True Battle Of Professional Engineering. My History & Knowledge Includes Extensive Forensic, Restoration, & Broadcast Disciplines.
I served my Country in the Military, The United States Air Force. I'm a Severely Disabled Veteran from that service. My MSCDs and PTSDs are what they are. (OCT1984) VA medical malpractice just added to it. (AUG2015) I've continued to served my Country in ways most never would. Once a Federal Employee, always a Federal Employee, that rabbit hole is deep and ever so demanding.
I've held Amateur Radio Licenses since 1977, my callsigns which have been WB3KRL, KC4IXV, KO4VJ, KF3CB, and now finally, AG4OJ. All Callsigns have been assigned by the FCC, NO Paid Vanity Callsigns. I give back as I can, like this website for example.
My Final Notes about myself; As God takes care of me, my daily needs, and some of my wants, I do, as I can, freely provide this website. Creating this Website, the files, the documentation, has kept me busy around my remaining abilities and keeps my mind off my Military / VA caused disabilities, which can be overwhelming even on the best of days.

Some Nicely Expanded Quotes

"It's the Flowers we love to enjoy (The Praises When Everything Appears To Work Right), yet, it's the thorns that makes us have to address the bleeding! (When We Find Our Broken, Bad Code)" Are You Learning From My Lead?
"Leading the way into insanity and confirmed ultimate madness only requires one to do the same thing over and over again, always expecting different results. There is NO gerbil on the hamster wheel here, running for dear life, and getting nowhere fast! We're doing different things, getting better results, and going there very fast!" Did you just FEEL my wind?
"When the DEVIL is in the details, even GOD has to be proud! It's the synergy of the catch, the added mysterious hidden elements, the yin and the yang that's so surprising when exposed to light in the end! Thus seeing that even God can't deny that GOD is the creator of all things!" Will You Rise Above All Things With Me?
"Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer. That is until you have learned all you can from them. Until that time, to be on one's own toes and alert to one's surroundings as these malicious people are always present. As they try to wreak havoc in one's life, one, being well prepared, is then always three steps ahead of them." Into Dodging Bullets Are We?
"Karma is the drink best left for your enemies to indulge in. It's when a multitude of evil things done by them is what filled the drink up in the first place." WAIT! Tell me again why you say you must be the one to drink that drink!?
signed AG4OJ / Professional Engineer, Part-time Philosopher? Really? Yeah, Right! Staying in my lane! HA!
As Always, ENJOY! AND, Make Sure You, PAY IT FORWARD!