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Why I'm The Way I Am To This Day

The Classified Information, Sites, Personnel, and Time Frames That Goes Along With This Dissertation Of My History Will Not Be Discussed.

I Was Groomed Out Of High School For A Special Federal Job.

I excelled to the top of my class through HS Technical Training in Industrial Electronics. A repair that I did to a critical machine's power supply problem at my father's work place, which was being used for a special government contract, got me noticed. These US Government Groomer's attention got me a possible federal placement, yet, as a Veteran, this job placement would happen.
My father, being a first class machinist / millwright, was into rifles. He would built custom actions, mostly repurposing older rifles. I would watch him make custom inlays out of old rifle stocks. I would go with him when he would sight them in. All of this extra knowledge was taken into account when the federal job was offered. This extra special knowledge added to the offer.

I Signed Up For The Air Force, I Got More Than I Signed Up For.

I spent my first 22 and 1/2 years of my life being a heterosexual male. I was then turned into the “I” in the LGBTQ+. I am “INTERSEXED” due to what happened to me on Robins Air Force Base (RAFB), Warner Robins Georgia, in October 1984. This past October 2021 has been a 37 year journey that “NO MALE” should ever have to go through.

What Happened To Me On Robins Air Force Base Warner Robins, Georgia USA

I was Beaten up, Brutally Gang Raped, Severely Beaten up again, Knocked Unconscious, and then Left For Dead in a Toxic Chemical Waste Pond on the backside of RAFB. After all of this, I would come to my senses in the Toxic Chemical Waste Pond all alone. I'd walk back to my barracks room, get partially cleaned up and then reported directly to the RAFB Base Hospital.

As For Many Continuous Medical Problems And Physical Gender Issues.

These toxic chemicals started the path for “My Permanent Chemical Castration.” Endocrine, Nervous, and Immune System problems started right at the first. Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, and Respiratory Systems came next after 3 905 SEI World Wide Deployable shots. Given all at once soon after this incident, though these shots were supposed to be separated by two weeks.

My Federal Groomers Are Told Of Me Being Compromised.

The Federal Job prospect would be withdrawn, caused by my new sicknesses and being compromised. All of the pre-job training that I was given before my military tour of duty was a waste of federal money. YES, I was on my way into doing something I really wanted to do. YET, being compromised in such a way while in the military, My Groomers concluded it was over.

How They Planned The Coverup.

Due to the nature of why this happened to me, ALL DOCUMENTS related to this INCIDENT were CHANGED to protect the compromising of many other interrelated operational areas of the US Government. You can say here that I had to take ONE for the TEAM, for my COUNTRY, sacrificing the ONE for the MANY. They QUIETLY covered this incident up on the highly active RAFB.

The Promises They Made.

They would give me a “HONORABLE DISCHARGE”, with promises to privately take care of me for the rest of my life. A medical discharge was “DENIED” as this would of meant that explanations as to WHY what happened to me would had to been documented. This is a very deep Government rabbit hole to this very day.

They Deny Making Any Promises Afterwards.

Yet, my continuing OATH I made to this holds to this day. RAFB then threw me out the back door with the trash, the promises they made back then to me, ALL LIES. The VA in 1985-1987 wouldn't help me either, no military documentation of my new medical problems I have. It took until 2009 that the VA would ever begin to help me, which to this day is problematic at it's best.

My DD Form 214 Said I could Reenlist.

Yes, my DD Form 214 said I could reenlist. YET, when I tried, seeing that the Federal Job prospects were withdrawn, this too would be denied. When I presented this situation to my USAF Recruiter back home, he tried to process it. A stern letter would be returned saying that not to allow me to apply again. My DD Form 214 still states that reenlistment is possible to this day.

If Things Couldn't Get Any Worse.

The Macon Georgia Contracted VA CBOC would prescribe me a medicine overdose in August 2015. Though I did question this, they told me the dose was correct. After just one month I'd experience permanent eyesight, hearing, and speech damage. The speech problems I have mostly worked my way through on my own. My eyesight and hearing are permanently damaged.

I Wasn't Allowed To Talk About This For 32 Years.

This is where I have always told everyone, when I was finally allowed to say so in November 2016, what had happened to me on RAFB in October 1984. Even though the VA began to give me medical help, I wasn't allowed to divulge were all my sicknesses came from. They never knew until I started at this time to explain it. It either fell on deaf ears or became strange accusations.

How I Have Taken Care Of Myself This Whole Time.

Like I said, the Air Force denied their promises. The VA in 1986-87 denied any medical help. I have had to deal with my medical problems on my own. I had to turn to Homeopathic and Naturopathic ways. When I could pay for medical help, I'd find out that I have sensitivities and side effects to many medications. None of these medical professionals usually understood why.


When the VA starts treating me badly, which seems to go in spurts, like it is now, it reiterates what had happened to me long ago, it's like reliving it all over again. Makes it just as fresh in my mind as this happening just minutes ago. It makes me see just how important one is when something happens to you while serving in the military.

I Feel Their Pain, My Journey Joins With Them In Their Plight.

From what I have seen and heard, this is why many Veterans feel like they are at the end of their ropes, and do what they do to end it all. It's a shame that the VA will place all of it might behind it's regulations above doing what is right for all Veterans. Every Veteran should be followed by the VA to ensure a long healthy life after their service. NO ONE should EVER be LEFT BEHIND!

PLEASE PRAY for all Veterans,


Those who never get the help they deserve,


And those who are continuously abused by the VA.


What I'm Up To These Days.

I have my Amateur Radio License, AG4OJ. Presently the AG4OJ.COM website host my extensive work with the Pi-Star / MMDVMHost HotSpots and Repeaters, programming the Nextion Display and my own Display Driver. This Website will contain my future musical aspirations, which begins in 2022. YES, I've been through a lot in my life, and, YES, it's not over by no means.