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ATTENTION: April 18th, 2023 - These WEBSITES are my future aspirations, though I'm a Homebound Severely Disabled Veteran. This is to be considered a HOBBY above ALL that is said within the documentation found on these WEBPAGES. I'm Legally Blind, Visually Impaired. I have Hearing and Speech problems. SO, PLEASE consider this as one of my go to HOBBIES until such time that this develops into something greater, THANKS!

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 Billy Ray Fire
This Website is only one of the few I will be used for the many ideas I have for creating my own kind of music. It will bring together all kinds of life long written notes and diaries that I have kept secret for many years while working with the entertainment industry.
Oh, YES! I have quite a history to sing about. There is so much in my past that even to me at times it seems unbelievable. One just couldn't envision making up a life like mine. Yet, instead of always sounding like I'm only looking for a shoulder to cry on, it seems better to me to just turn it into lyrics and music.
My spirituality will be at the center of the songs I will create. Some may cry when they hear one of my songs. Others may laugh. No matter which emotional response you may have, I hope you enjoy the many stories I'm about to share with the world!