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The Legal Documentation


This is my Privacy Policies, Terms Of Service, Terms Of Use, and/or Terms And Conditions. Use of this web page and all pages of these Websites are governed by the rules on this Legal Documentation web page.
I can't make anyone do right by my Legal Documentation, yet, by publicly providing this information, it gives me certain irrevocable legal rights about Myself, my Websites, and my Artistic Works in a court of law.
All content on these website(s) is copyrighted and may not be used or reprinted without explicit permission. Violators will be first turned over to GOD, second to KARMA, and third by all legal measures allowed to me by law.

All About This Website's “RAINBOW” Headers

The RAINBOW in the header on my webpages DOES NOT represent the LGBT... Pride Colors or Pride Flag. What you see is a complete 360 degree flowing of colors in terms of a hue color wheel. This is my representation of a special kind of Rainbow that shows after it rains, the sign of the continued promise from God that the Earth would not be destroyed by water ever again.

When An Accident Changes Your Life

As a disabled rollator walking pedestrian, I was hit by a car on 06/14/2017 at 10:00am. This has made my life overall harder to get around and take care of myself. This also means that doing things to this Website will slow down while I hopefully heal from this latest damage done to me. This Website has always been my autoimmune disease shut-in therapy by keeping me busy in many ways.
Since I have many pre-existing medical problems before the accident, no lawyer that I have asked will touch my case. This means that the individual that hit me with their car and their insurance company will probably never see a claim from me for damages.
As a severely Disabled Veteran, I've always learned how to make due. Please pray for my health and finances. There is social media links at the bottom of this page that provide ways to contact me if you wish to check on me, give well wishes, and send much needed prayers.

My Priorities

Legally speaking, IF I create ANY OF MY ARTISTIC WORK'S, it would be as a PART TIME HOBBY ONLY. IF any of what I create becomes popular and makes me some money, then so be it. Accounting for most of my time these days, I'm maintaining my health, a daily goal. My health has become my CAREER, as it's MORE THAN A FULL TIME JOB for me to completely take care of myself. Anyone thinking and saying otherwise about me has their priorities in conflict with mine.
I don't own a car, nor could I afford one, the insurance on it, the tag for it, the up keep of it, and let alone put gas in it. My vision, hearing, equilibrium, and speech problems would make it problematic to drive one. So, medically speaking, I shouldn't be driving one. This means that I walk everywhere I need to go. I have to use cabs and others to go anywhere I need to go. The city bus shakes me up to bad anymore that I can no longer use them.
I don't have a caregiver, house cleaner, etc., nor do I need them, at least not at this moment in time. No one lives with me, anyone saying such things is a scammer. My autoimmune disease prevents anyone from living with me, staying with me, or even visiting with me. I get sick from such short interactions, so, don't believe them. Yeah, I know, it sucks that I have to legally post this kind of stuff.

Scams, Scammers, & Scamming

I have not asked nor know about anyone collecting money on my behalf. Anyone doing so has not been authorized to do so by me. Donating to them is at your own risk, because I can't control what others do. This situation has happened in the past where others had lost thousands of dollars donated to a cause in my name, yet, I never received anything from it. Donators beware of such scams! To make a Donation to me, I provide my personal Paypal account link when requests are made by Email.
Attention all Scammers, I will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies and report all of your scams. Your not doing yourself any good trying to scam me, besides the fact that I report your actions to GOD when I find out about them. HE will see your evil ways and allow you to go right where you belong for trying to steal from a disabled person!

Because Of What Happens In The World We Live In Today

These may sound like strict contact policies below. They are this way due to the evil that exists in this world today. My disabilities also restricts my abilities to handle who is contacting me most of the time. I hope that an overall understanding of these contact policies are not a hindrance to those who truly wish to properly contact me.

How To Properly Contact Me By Phone

Calling my phone number will require your name, your phone number, and the reason for you to be contacting me in your voice message. Your caller ID at the time of your call must match the number you leave in your message. Didn't leave a proper voicemail message? Due to scammers, I never return unknown callers even with incomplete voicemail messages.
I never call unknown phone numbers, meaning calling someone I don't know already. Scammers have spoofed my phone number in the past. This problem is out of my control. If you don't know me personally, don't interact with anyone calling you from my spoofed phone number. Most people that know me, know to do something first before calling me.

Sending Text / SMS Messages

Be wise that I don't waste my time reading text messages on any of my cell phones. They are mostly deleted without reading them so it is not the best way to talk with me. I'm visually impaired, so I don't waste my time trying to read them. In the end, all unsolicited text messages are promptly reported, deleted, and blocked when necessary.

How To Properly Contact Me By Email

Sending me an Email will require your name, your phone number, your physical address, and the reason for you to be contacting me. All unknown Emails always go to the scam / spam filter folder and are looked at least once a week. This type of contact is less likely to be quickly answered.

Scheduling An Appointment To Meet With Me

My Severe Immune Disease problems causes me to get sick when I'm around others, go outside my home, and get close to animals. Appointments with me will happen as an important need to only. Due to my ongoing health problems, appointments will never be in my home and can be cancelled at anytime. This is done this way to keep me as healthy as possible.
Just showing up to my home unannounced will not get you a meeting with me. Confronting me when I'm out and about will not grant you immediate access to me. I stress that when I out, I'm trying to get the much needed exercise that I need and get done what I need to while I'm out. You must use the contact links provided here on this Website to schedule an appointment with me.

Power Of Attorney Over Legal Matters

No one has power of attorney over me or what might also be commonly called a "360 deal" over any aspect of me, my artistic works, my purchased equipment, and/or software. I'm in complete control of all my artistic works and handle all aspects of this part time hobby.
There are no other artists, singers, musicians, producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, et cetera, that presently take part in my artistic works. Any such individuals that make any such claims or provide documents of such otherwise should be considered a scam unless listed below this paragraph.

Power Of Attorney Over Health Matters

I'm the only one in charge of my health and healthcare, mental and physical. I've given no one the right to act on my behalf in any of my health matters and there's no need for anyone too. Anyone who presents themselves as doing so is a scammer that is trying to do me personal harm. Contact with me directly about any of my health matters.

Insurance Policies

No one other than me should have any type of insurance policies on me, my artistic works, my purchased equipment, and/or software. I have not authorized anyone else to have such insurance. If they do, they are scamming the insurance company involved and me.

Financial, Credit, & Loan Accounts

No one has my permission to have access to my banking accounts, open any new banking accounts, or have access to any account that deals directly to my life, home, and/or artistic works. (Like Mortgage, Rent, Power, Internet, et cetera) I pay all my own bills, there's no need for anyone to else to have access to accounts like these on my behalf.
No one has my permission to open any type of credit or loan accounts in my name. No one may use Me, my credit rating, my Artistic Works, my equipment and software, or these Websites as collateral to do such. There is no need for any further credit or loan accounts in my name. Anyone trying to do so otherwise should be considered a scam.

Any Stocks, Bonds or Real Estate Investments

I don't own any stocks, bonds, or any other type of investment accounts. I'm not involved in any Real Estate deals, nor do I own or partially own any Real Estate Properties. Anyone trying to say otherwise in such things should be considered a scam.

Doing Business With Me

 Legal Logo
By only direct contact with me do I allow others to do business with me or for me. This includes and not limited to all types of music industry personnel, like Record Label(s), Public Relation Firm(s), Social Media Firm(s), or equipment supplier(s). We will have signed Agreement(s) / Contract(s) between us, one(s) that will define our complete working relationship. Everyone else is acting in a fraudulent way and are a scam.
By posting this warning, all parties of any such Interaction(s), Agreement(s), or Contract(s) assume complete liability(ies) / risk(s) of all actions taken by them if these terms written here are not completely and strictly followed. All of this means, contact me directly to confirm any Interaction(s), Agreement(s), or Contract(s) first!
These terms written here on this Website supercede any written / verbal Interaction(s), Agreement(s), or Contract(s) presented by anyone. Any Interaction(s), Agreement(s), or Contract(s) that try to supercede these terms written here on this Website are null, void, illegal, most probably a scam, and they will never be honored by me. I don't allow any matters involving third party, and parties there after, to interact with me or on by behalf, they always lead to biased problems.

Asking for help with Your Lyrics, Music, Songs, and Videos

 Billy Ray Fire
Just blindly sending any such materials to me here will just end up in the trash unopened. I will not pay to return it to you and I will not be responsible for what happens to what you have sent. I will not accept "ANY" CODs or sign for packages that are not already expected!
PLEASE, Just don't send anything here that I haven't privately entered into a contract with you for, THANKS! The Legal aspects to copyrighting any of my new lyrics, music, songs, and videos require that I post this notice. I am extremely sorry if these statements sound harsh, it is required by copyright law that I post this type of notice and publicly disclose who I'm singed with.
It is an extreme shame that I have to post all of this legal stuff on this one page, but, thieves and scammers are continuously causing me problems! Remember to contact me directly about everything, meaning, all Interaction(s), Agreement(s), or Contract(s) with me must be confirmed by me before acted upon.

Collaborating With Me

My Artistic Works are my own and I have not collaborated with anyone on them. Due to the rise of stealing ideas within the music industry, the entertainment industry, I'll not be do any collaborating at this time. Due to these kind of thieves, Nothing will be released before it is finished.

Jobs Here With Me

I'm not hiring anyone at this time. I've never had any employees here and there are no future plans at this time to hire anyone. I have not asked or contracted anyone to do anything for me. Everything here, including maintaining this Website, are and have always been done completely by me. So, anyone claiming to be in any type of employment here is a scammer.

Equipment Sponsorships

I will engage in having equipment sponsorships from manufactures and/or their suppliers. This would include equipment and software needed to complete my recording studio, complete my artistic works, and any future special stage setups. When such sponsorships are in use, they will be listed here in this section unless the sponsorship agreement dictates a NDA, a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Website Advertising

I will not engage in having nonspecific advertising of any kind on my Website(s). Controlling web page content and file sizes is paramount. This helps me ensure compatibility with most mobile devices, maximizing the screen utilization for my artistic works, and minimizing bandwidth for my Web Pages.
On selected Web pages, known equipment sponsorships named in this section maybe embedded in my videos. YouTube videos will have embedded nonspecific advertising. I'm not interested in having my own Website trashed up with nonspecific advertising. I'm an artist that is interested in the best presentation of my artistic works and not selling things for others.

Social Media Counters And Advertising Trackers

I do not have any cookies, counters, or trackers of any kind on my Website. This means that the only tracking that maybe done will be by your own browser's history and it's own back button. Once again, this helps me in controlling content and file sizes to ensure fastest delivery of compatible Web Pages. I really don't care how many times something has been "Clicked On!" I'm trying to be a true artist! Enough Said!?

All Of My Website Domains

All of the content contained within this Website and all Social Media Accounts, this including all Text, CSS coding, Icons, Pictures, Images, Lyrics, Music, Songs, and Videos, hereafter called my “Artistic Works,” are entirely created by me. Thus, all of said content, Artistic Works, is to be considered ℗ Published & © Copyrighted by me, Artistic Name - Billy Ray Fire.