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 The Book Of Revelation  The Book Of Revelation  Main Table of Contents  Main Table of Contents  Main Table of Contents

Larkin's Overview Of The Book Of Revelation

 Rev. Clarence Larkin's Works - The Book Of Revelation
The Book is not only a “Prophetic” book, it is a “SYMBOLIC” book, that is, it is written largely in “symbolic” language, that is the meaning of the statement in the Title - He sent and ‘SIGNIFIED’ it by His Angel unto His Servant John. The word “signified” means given in “signs” and “symbols” and should be pronounced “SIGN´IFIED.”
There are more signs and symbols in the Book of Revelation than in any other book in the Bible, but they are either explained there or in some other part of the Scriptures. No one can understand the Book of Revelation who does not understand the Book of Daniel. The Prophet Daniel was told to seal up the words of his prophecy until the Time of the End, not the end of time, but the end of the Times of the Gentiles. Dan. 12:4, 9. But the writer of the Book of Revelation was told to “seal NOT” the sayings of the Book, for the TIME IS AT HAND. Rev. 22:10.
The symbolism of the Book of Revelation shows that it was written for a “special class, for those who are acquainted with the Word of God, and who have “spiritual discernment, and not for the carnally minded reader. The secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but those things which are REVEALED belong unto us and our children forever. Deu. 29:29.
The Book of Revelation was written to reveal or disclose the purpose of God as to the earth and the nations, and we are not prying into God's secrets when we read and study it. It being the last prophecy, we naturally would expect it to sum up all previous prophecy, and as all previous prophecy had to do with the CHURCH, ISRAEL, and THE NATIONS, so we should expect this last prophecy to give us the final word as to them; and that is what it does.
We find the CHURCH in the beginning, ISRAEL in the middle, and the saved NATIONS at the end. These three are also seen in the construction of the Holy City, New Jerusalem; where we have the CHURCH in the Foundation, represented by the names of the Twelve Apostles, and ISRAEL in the Gates, with the names of the Twelve Tribes of Israel written over them, and the saved NATIONS in the Streets, where they walk in the light of the City's Glory.
The Book is largely Jewish. This is seen in its signs and symbols, such as the Tabernacle, the Ark, the Altar, the Trumpets and Plagues, and the sealing of the 144,000 of Israel. It is Jewish because God in it, after the Church is taken out, (it) deals again with Israel, and in chapters 6 to 19 inclusive He reveals what shall take place during the last or Seventieth Week of Daniels Seventy Weeks.
It is the Book of “CONSUMMATION” and its proper place in the sacred canon is where it is placed, at the end of the Bible. The Book is full of ACTION. Earth and heaven are brought near together. The clouds roll away, thrones, elders, and angelic forms are seen; harps, trumpets, cries from disembodied souls and choruses of song are heard. Earth touches heaven, and alas it touches hell also.
Good and evil meet. There is no blending, but sharp contrasts, and a long protracted conflict that ends in “victory for the good”, and the “BEAST”, the “FALSE PROPHET”, SATAN and his hosts, and “DEATH” and HADES find their place in the “Lake of Fire”. It describes the culmination of the evils foreseen and described in 1st. Tim. 4:1; 2nd Tim. 3:1-5; 2nd Pet. 2:1-2; Jude 14-19, and declares the CONSUMMATION of that which the Prophets foretold, the creation of a ...
... in which righteousness shall dwell. Isa. 65:17. At last the patience of the patriarchs and saints is rewarded; the longings of faith, and the hope of Israel and the Church fulfilled, and the glory of God shines unhindered on a scene of righteousness and peace. The Bible begins with Paradise LOST, and closes with Paradise REGAINED.

Welcome To The Study Of The Book Of Revelation!

Welcome to the extensive study of The Book Of Revelation by using the Charts, Text, and Images from Rev. Clarence Larkins works. I will be expanding, enhancing, and exhaustively studying the The Book Of Revelation and using his book on the subject, The Book Of Revelation!
Larkins book is an intensively compressed work on the subject. There are many more supportive scriptures and arguable opinion pieces that could be used to reinforce the work that Rev. Clarence Larkin had already done so long ago. Yes, Rev. Clarence Larkins book will come to life for all to learn the subject matter contained in The Book Of Revelation!
It would be best to have a reading knowledge of the complete Bible before starting this particular study. This study assumes a knowledge of the scriptures from throughout the Bible. Ill do my best reorganize things when Rev. Clarence Larkin get to jumping around in his book, because in some places he does. Other places He leaves important scriptures out, that now, at this time in history has become important.
I believe the compressing of the material in the book caused this to happen, it's due to self publishing, printing such a book in 1919, the costs of such were high, the time it took to type set and print it was long. So, mistakes and left out material, if caught, could not always be included in the original book on the subject.
One has to keep Rev. Larkin here blameless, I believe when he taught it, the material was always very complete. At this time, as it passes the 100th anniversary (1919), what better a time to bring forth the informative information in his book in a modern format with added and updated supportive information.
I was given the ability to see notes taken from Rev. Larkin teachings on this subject, notes on the subject written outside of his books from long ago. I was given the ability to quickly study these materials, at that time access to these notes were very limited and highly guarded. There is much more to tell here, I hope to also bring this extra material into the material presented.
Breaking the The Book Of Revelation and his book on the The Book Of Revelation into much smaller pieces will make it easier to study from and learn. Adding in supportive scriptures and arguable opinions from my own studies since 1993 will hopefully add insight during this time of even greater apostasy.
As I build out this study, remember one thing, It's A Work In Progress. All of my notes were first written back in mid 1993 to late 1994. They have been revised and added too ever since as the Spirit of God has moved me. These notes of mine, notes from Larkins private teachings, and Larkins book take time to properly place into these Web Pages.
This is a 30 year study on my own with 20 years as teaching The Book Of Revelation. Just about anyone these days will preach from the Bible, yet, very few teach on The Book Of Revelation. To go that extra mile, travel that narrow road to completely teach Gods word is the distance and sacrifice that I will go to show my bought out faith in Jesus Christ, God.
This study is presented free for all to learn from, FREE OF ALL ANNOYING, OFF TOPIC, and CHRISTIAN OFFENDING WEB PAGE ADS! May this study bless all who come to “READ” this study of the last and most important Book in the Bible. As with your own “HEARING” may your understanding of such material be multiplied, and in your learning, improve your sharing!
 The Book Of Revelation  The Book Of Revelation  Main Table of Contents  Main Table of Contents  Main Table of Contents