My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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AN/TSC-60 03

Transportable HF Communication Facilities - 4 ISB

AN/TSC-60 - Transportable HF Communication Facilities - Dual HF 4 Channel ISB - Comprising of VAN and Support Mobilizer. I proved to Rockwell International and High Ranking Military Officers on Rhein-Main Air Base/Ramstein Air Base in 1983/4 that with simple special modifications, the TSEC/KY-57/58 could do secure voice communications over the AN/TSC-60 vans over HF direct and single hop communications.
There were those at these special meetings that saw how the Rockwell International personnel were treating me. This and other things about the AN/TSC-60 Vans would be quickly classified and Rockwell International would not receive these changes, fixes, and modifications that I did. So, these were made into a special classified pamphlet. These changes, fixes, and modifications would be taught to those during the classified TDYs I did and that they had a need to know.
I would be tasked to do training throughout Europe and Asia to train new people on maintaining the AN/TSC-60 Van Sets. Most of these TDYs were Classified in nature and were done in civilian clothes due to the rank differences during the training/repairing sessions. I have had Officers, higher ranking NCOs, and Government Employed Civilians in classroom training on the AN/TSC-60 Radio Sets even though at the time I was only an E-3, an Airman First Class.
These training sessions always included helping them fix their broken vans, live work through trouble shooting, and usually always done within a 72 hour time frame. Yes, that's right, these training sessions would last for at least three days with very little sleep for everyone involved. Waiting for parts was our resting time. This usually involved some sort of active “War Training” exercise, where war exercise training included the using the AN/TSC-60 Radio Sets.
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