My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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Thrown Into A Chemical Retention Pond 06

While In The United States Air Force

After being gang raped numerous times by each of these same three Military Members, When I was let up, I still fought back. I was then beaten unconscious, then picked up, and thrown into Chemical Compounds contained in a retention/containment type of pond on Robins Air Force Base. These where ingested, where full body contamination occurred, and where my attackers finally left me for dead.
I would finally wake up from this attack in this retention / containment type of pond. I was unaware how much time had past when I woke up, and so, walked back on my own. I reported to the base hospital and reported the whole incident. What happened next is the opposite of what I though would happen.
The base Psychiatrist would be called in and the accusations of my sexuality would start again, yes, back to me being accused of being gay, a second time. Even the base hospital medical personnel were calling me names. They either refused to treat me or delayed the treatments that I needed.
You can see from this, all these years later, why when a Military Sexual Assaults of this type happens, that they usually are not reported. The attacked individual is the one who is also accused of being gay, no matter what. The burden of proof that you are not gay is then on the attacked individual, as the Military does not believe that gay sex is an assault, they only see it as improper consensual private sex. Something highly illegal to do at the time when this attack took place in October 1984.
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