My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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Hearing Problems 01

From Being In The Military

My Hearing Problems started from working around, using, and maintaining loud mobile turbine generator noises in the mobility services of the Military, they were used to power and operate our communications vans to do radio maintenance. (400 cycle generators)
From being Deliberately Made Sick By Chemical Compound Contamination added Hearing Problems dependent on my stress level, blood pressure, and blood sugars. Since the VA PA prescribed Synthroid Overdose in 2015, my Hearing has continuous loud ringing and odd frequency gaps, different gaps in each ear, that hearing aids can't correct without causing me severe pain.
I do have a setup in my home that can provide a help to my hearing, which in turn helps me with my speech problems, hearing myself speak. What I can hear without any help is incomplete, distorted, and garbled, so during such events I always have to figure out what people are saying by trying to read their lips in combination with what I can hear at the same time.
Most of the time this is not possible, so I just wing-it as best I can. Simple sign language always helps, but most people don't know how to sign. No simple portable hearing aid solution will help me with this.
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