My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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My Military Records Were Changed 01

How The Military Does A Coverup

Two Military Police would come to my barracks room. They would take me into custody, take me to the Base Hospital, and place me in a guarded private office in the far end of the Base Hospital from the Emergency Room. It looked like a commonly used office by one of the Base Doctors. High Ranking Military Officers came in, formalities exchanged, I'd be told to remain standing, and told not to speak.
They proceeded to tell me that my Military Records from RAFB would be changed to protect the country, the USAF, Robins Air Force Base, Air Force Personnel, Federal Employees, and Civilians involved. Yes, I was being told that I was taking one for the “TEAM!” That a cover up of what happened was in progress.
After their lengthy explanation, a Classified Debriefing, to how the details over this Attack would be handled, they proceed to remove all the documents to this situation from my Military Records (Folder), shred them, and replace them with ones that they came in with.
They then took two more groups of paperwork and started typing into two different computer type terminals. I watched both of them finish and check to make sure each other had logged out. They would turn the terminals off, shred the paperwork they used with the computer terminals, and continue their lengthy talk with me. This looked like a temporary situation, wires to these terminals went out the door to the office.
A lower ranking Officer would enter the room just after the Classified Debriefing. This Officer looked exactly like my one attacker who had info into things he shouldn't of had. Yup, it appeared to me that one of my rapists was a Robins Air Force Base Officer, that now stood in front of me helping the United States Air Force in the covering up of the whole mess.
The folder they came in with was a specially marked Top Secret Classified Folder. After all was said and done with the final formalities given once more, I'd be told that the attack never happened and that I would be medically and financially seen after for the rest of my life. The Military Police would then reenter the office, take me back into custody, and return me to my Barracks room.
I would be escorted back to my dorm room finding the Military Police standing guard and Military Intelligence ransacking my dorm room. It appeared that they wanted my clothes from the day of the Attack. When I showed them which ones I was wearing, they then went after my picture album, negatives, all undeveloped film, and my camera. Even my dirty clothes bags was taken.
The complete eradication of the Attack was going on, I could see that it was going to be completely erased. The clothes were worthless after washing them anyway, they reminded me of the attack. They then wanted to know which of the washers and dryers I used to wash them. YES, they then took those out of the barracks. Just days later they were all replaced with newer looking ones.
It's obvious that none of my things that they took that day were ever returned. They took anything and everything they thought would be connected to the Attack. It was a very good thing that I had left most of my acquired military documents at home with my dad during leave just before reporting to this new duty assignment.
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