My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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Nervous System 01

Nerve Dysfunction

My Nervous System has sensory and feeling problems all throughout My body. This also adds to My inability to exercise properly for long periods of time. When I do exercise, rest will be required for at least three days or longer periods of time. This is what Doctors have told me would be commonly called abnormal exercise recuperation. When a medical person draws my blood, when they insert the needle, it feels like someone is cutting my arm with a dull knife.
Walking takes extreme effort even with a 4 wheeled rollator. I have to use a rollator to walk due to the lack of feeling throughout my body. It ensures proper footing while walking, this way I can stop the sudden falls from the lack of feeling that I have in my legs. The walker also provides Me with a seat to rest when and where necessary. Numbness, lack of feeling, burning, pins & needles, unusual chronic pain, and the lack of motor control is has always been common.
It causes incontinence, so I need to be near a bathroom all the time, or, I'll be force to wear diapers. The urge to go is always at the last minute, meaning that I'm usually going before I ever reach the bathroom. Neuropathy has always been a problem as it is the type that causes the lack of feeling most of the time. This happened long before the diagnosis of Diabetes.
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