My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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Respiratory 01

Breathing Problems

The Toxic Chemicals damaged my Respiratory Muscles causing uncontrollable chronic asthma conditions with very little wheezing and easily causes extreme exercise duress from permanent Respiratory Muscle Damage. This damage causes frequent painful muscle contractions / spasms that can cause days of breathing problems and pain. Asthma medications can help, but usually don't do well, only long term rest does. This includes having to rest or sleep for more that half a day, multiple times a day while the condition is at it's worse. At present this can happen more than several times a week.
My respiratory problems come from the damaged heart, lung, and diaphragm muscle tissues, asthma medicines don't usually work, only rest does, oxygen therapy can quicken the rest period. Getting help from regular Civilian Medical Doctors since October 1984 is how I know all of this. If I get any exercise I'll have to rest for at least three days afterwards as my body takes that long to recover, abnormal exercise recuperation. Even short car rides can trigger this.
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