My Disabled Veteran's Story Of Adversity
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Synthroid Overdose 02

Intentional VA Prescribed Overdose

I'm Visually, Hearing, and Speech Impaired by the damage caused by a VA Prescriber, P. A. XXXXXX. They knew that 137ug was the best fit SYNTHROID dose for me by the tests, which she did prescribe for me on Jul 24th 2015, VA Rx #XXXXXX940. Then, a week and just days later, they prescribed 150ug for me on Aug 3rd 2015, VA Rx XXXXXX012. Then again, one week later, they prescribed 175ug for me on Aug 10th 2015, VA Rx XXXXXX658. Not knowing any better, and trying to believe in my VA assigned doctors, I took this last higher dose prescription. This, in just a month's time, has caused me being Visually, Hearing, and Speech Impaired.
After complaining about my new medical problems, complaining about this prescription miss-match, I was assigned a VA Prescriber, MD XXXXXXX. They in turn lowered the dose to 75ug, VA Rx XXXXXX923. Then they increased it to 88ug, VA Rx XXXXXX415. Then she would jump it back up to the 175ug, VA Rx XXXXXX658B, thus using an older script number that P. A. XXXXXX had used. I would complain again, this time noticing the fact ahead of time that 175ug is way too high of a dose for me.
With all these new concerns, I would tell this MD Assigned Provider that I couldn't take that high of a dose. Did they respond? No. So I would send another message to them stating that I will be breaking the pills into the smaller dose that I need. By breaking these 175ug pills into pieces, the dose is not regular. They are still are prescribing this overdose prescription of Synthroid.
Because NO ONE would take action on this within the VA before, My newest VA Assigned MD Prescriber, MD XXXXXXXXXXX, here in October 2018, has just renewed the 175ug to VA Rx XXXXXX658C. I called the Pharmacy at the Carl Vinson Dublin Georgia Medical Center to place a HALT on this high dose Synthroid prescription. If they won't take action after 3 plus years, I guess I have too!
Well, Well. After 3 years on complaining, finally I get the prescription back to where it belongs, October, 25 2018, 137ug, VA Rx XXXXXX395. Yet, my newest VA assigned MD Prescriber, MD XXXXXXXXXXX, sent me a letter in the mail stating his disagreement with this prescription change. You see, no matter how many times I have explained this to the VA, there is always resistance to doing the right thing for the veteran.

So, How Did This Cause Added Medical Problems?

It was explained to me by a MD Eye Doctor at my recent appointment, October, 30th 2018. This VA Provider Prescribed Synthroid Overdose caused my weakened diabetic condition to become worse. This new hyper diabetic problem causes hearing, speech, and eyesight problems. As I have been informed, my eyesight will never be corrected due to blood sugar sensitivity.
This meaning that no matter the eyeglass prescription provided, if I eat something that raises my blood sugar or if insulin lowers it, my needed eyeglass prescription will change accordingly. This is how this one brave MD Eye Doctor explained it to me, one obviously not employed by the VA. I still asked for some sort of eye glasses prescription, even though it means that they will mostly never be the right prescription.
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