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Welcome To My Documents

 W.R. Pelfrey
Welcome! Within these pages are the documents that I have about me before I was hurt in the USAF. All of the documents that followed my injuries were confiscated. If it weren't for the private files that I left with my Dad all those years ago, most if not all of these documents presented here would also of been lost. These are the documents that back up my history in the Military. They prove my claims that I was on active duty, In the USAF, and on Warner Robins A.F.B. at the time of becoming a Disabled Veteran.
YES, these documents show where my education level was and where I was headed. I show all my achievements and awards from North Montco A.V.T.S. (Technical Training School) which was a half day that was in combination with North Penn High School and the reason for being groomed. These documents then go on into my achievements and awards while in the USAF that lead up to the events that happened on Warner Robins A.F.B. in Warner Robins Georgia.
Mostly everything I had in my possession document wise was confiscated during an USAF planned raid on my dorm room. They did their very best to erase most of my life while I was on Robins A.F.B. Clicking of the arrows above and below will take you though the 38 documents that I still have.
Enjoy these documents, they prove who I was before joining the USAF and just before the USAF hurt me. These documents are large files and can take some time to load on a mobile device. Be careful about your data plan, use WIFI to view these documents. Yet, I have made these pages viewable on all mobile devices.
Social Security numbers, complete addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth have been removed to protect everyone mentioned in these documents. So, this means usually required filled in blanks on the documents have been erased to protect this type of information.
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