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Definitions for the Words Used to Make up OTNWM

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Obscurely - To be not well-known or not known to most people. To be difficult to understand and likely to be understood by only a few people. To be dark, dim, remote, secluded, shrouded in or hidden by darkness, not clearly seen, or easily distinguishable, unnoticeable. The allowing of God to be within us and about us has always been shrouded in such ways by those who don't truly understand God's ways.
Taught - past participle of teach. To have already completely learned what one needs to know to perform a given task or set of tasks, may they be tasks, acts of will, or rituals performed for the natural, spiritual, or supernatural. God's ways are given to those who allow God to be within and about them.
Necromancing - The Evil practicing Necromancer. To be one who communicates with Spiritual Beings for the sole purpose of seeking the unknown or knowledge of the future by supernatural means, or divination. This is the use Magick on them to reveal / predict / foretell the future, to discover hidden knowledge, and to influence the course of events. To use and abuse them, one has to summon the Spiritual Being as an apparition or raising them bodily. This negative type of interaction will drain all involved, dividing, and destroying your energies. This is where Legion says we are many because it takes many of them to do any one thing. Thus continuously stealing from, killing, and the ultimate destroying each other.
Necromancing - The Good practicing Necromancer. To help Spiritual Beings, they must first summon or seek you out. This is done on their own behalf or by the help of other Spiritual Beings when they are in severely weakened state. Then agree to be a guide to get the Spiritual Being(s) back to where they belong, by re-energizing them, bring them back into balance or synergy, and also affording them all allowable supernatural protections from harm while they recover. Never to possess them, restrain them, or do any harm to them. To provide a Sanctuary of sorts, a protective place of refuge for them. This type of interaction will increase the energies of all involved, in essences multiplying and prospering your energies. This is where it is said, one may make a thousand flee, two will make 10 thousand flee, thus being able to do many things at one time within one unified thought.
Wizard's - Being one particularly skilled or competent in the use of one's birthed and gifted craft. The possession of, use of Evil and/or good Magickal powers, sorcery, modern witchcraft or the all so common misunderstood use of powers given by God of the entire Universe, this including all of Eternity, not just the typically worshipped god(s) and goddess(es) of the Natural Earthly Realms. Powers of the Natural Earthly Realms are the one's most commonly and safely practiced. The powers of the Supernatural Spiritual Realms of Eternity and the entire Natural Universe are more so less understood, usually the ones made out-of-balance, and always abused by inexperienced practitioners of the craft.
Magick - is a term used to differentiate the works of the Supernatural from ordinary stage magic and is defined as "the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Spiritual Will", including both the "mundane" acts of will as well as ritual Magick. A practitioner of Magick performs rituals, either as a solitary or as part of a group, they are designed to accomplish a given purpose or purposes, task or set of tasks. A Church can do such acts in accordance with combined spiritual prayer.

Defining, Explaining The Types Of Stigmata

Stigmata Is Defined By - (singular stigma) is a term used by members of the Christian faith to describe body marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ such as the Head, Hands, Feet, Back, and Side.
Stigmatist, Stigmatic, Stigmatism Is Defined By - An individual bearing the wounds of the Stigmata, referred to as one bearing the wounds of Christ's Crucifixion. This is mostly missunderstood by the Church of today and is usually dismissed. See further explanation below.
Ok, many miss the importance of the “Stigmata”, when an individual seeks God to the point that Evil is alerted in most powerful ways, like a stench to Evil as to the purification of not only spirit and soul, it includes sanctity of the flesh. These attacks are more so always Evil, trying it's best to reverse the progress, stop, and / or slow down the complete purification.
As God is NOT the one who punished God's Son, God is not the executor of the punishment of the “Stigmata.” The “Stigmata” in an OUTWARDLY way is meant to scare other believers who see it from seeking the same level of purification. It also tries to strike fear in the believer, the one experiencing the “Stigmata”.
The “Stigmata” in an INWARDLY way is DIVINE, Godly in nature. Getting to this level of belief allows for the calling of “Ministering Assigned Angels” to oneself (all different kinds, 40 days, As Jesus DID) and allows for the protection from Evil's OUTWARDLY attacks. In the end, scars are not unusual. Evil doesn't want the flesh to become completely purified, sanctified.
Seeking God in such a way should NOT be taken lightly, as, Evil knows the weaknesses of the individual and will exploit these weaknesses to the fullest of measures (Jesus in the wilderness). This to deter or confuse the REAL feelings of a TRUE “Stigmata” for the FAKE feelings of a FALSE “Stigmata.”
Real and True will uplift Spirit, Soul, and bring calmness to the Flesh. This will be a feeling of separation from the Natural and increase intense Spiritual interactions, like the calling of “Ministering Assigned Angels” to oneself (all different kinds). Fake and False highlights ONLY THE FLESH in ways that can ultimately lead to death of the flesh, the “Stigmatist” death.
This should be also noted, that, a private “Stigmata” is more fulling then a public one. This meaning that Evil can't make a public spectacle of the “Stigmata” if the “Stigmatist” keeps it private. There is no real reason to make such public, YET, Evil will do it's best to make it public as it thrives off of the public spectacle, the OUTWARDLY problems it causes for the “Stigmatist”.
This latter point also shows why a NON-BELIEVER can have the experience of an OUTWARDLY (FALSE) “Stigmata.” The deterrence of the NON-BELIEVER not to even begin a belief in God, the ones who had already assigned / aligned their allegiance to Evil and it appears to Evil that they maybe changing their direction of beliefs towards God in some way.
This is also the FALSE believer who invades the church seeking God, looking for healing, and yet, never seems to improves in their spirit and soul. God never guarantees us perfect incorruptible flesh. Because of the “Garden Of Eden,” our flesh is meant to expire, how well we take care of it is up to us and that alone show how well our life will be in the natural. So this FALSE believer never shows any signs of getting any better in the flesh, in the spirit, and / or in the soul.