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DRSES Video Listing and Links to the Website Pages

These pages are for the Videos that are created by DRSES. Some of them just maybe remastered older videos. Each video section may include a "Technical" link to extra details about the video. Audio download links can be provided. Wow! This has come a long way suddenly fast! Long time in the making!
Why not use YouTube and Vimeo for these videos? Simple, they now re-encode and compress videos. This to the point that audio and video artifacts are placed into the original video. This section is for those who wish to see some of the video projects that I have completed, these are reduced aspect ratios.
So, ALL of my video projects will be located here. Really the best thing about this area is you get to download videos that are NOT re-encoded by any streaming platform! That gives you a much higher quality video to watch and audio to listen to.
 DRSES Videos
This Video Icon will take you back to this page from any of the other video pages. Now, If you click on any link below you accept that you may see something that you may not like. There is no liking, disliking, or commenting on videos here. There is no tracking of what you have or haven't watched except from your own browser. There are NO adds selling you crap in reference to these video pages.
The pages load fast and play correctly depending on your Internet connection speed. All of this makes everything here a WIN-WIN situation for you and me! Click on any link below to see the single video or video series I have posted thus far. Refresh any page that the video may hang.

This Is My Video Projects List