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Old Timers Night - July 2007 - Introduction

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Welcome! This is a video that was purchased days after the event took place. I wanted a copy of it because; 1st it touched me, and 2nd, that I'm seen many times in the middle front row, off center to the right in the video. It has been my only go to video over the years when I'm needing some extra personal One-On-One time and advise from The Ancient Of Days.
What many have not noticed is that there are 21 played songs on this video. What I mean by this is 3 times 7! Do you understand my meaning? Three times perfection!?!? This Video doesn't sound or look like the original video, I have taken the time to re-encoded it to a more modern format.
I share this private updated version of it with you, so you get to hear and see it the way I do, restored! If the videos don't play right for you, try refreshng the webpage or downloading them instead. Then play them directly from your computer. There is FLAC, MP3, and WAV audio file formats of the music available for download too!
The first few segments of the video have serious original non-fixable audio mixing problems, so don't get discouraged and stop watching, it gets much better! If there is any typos on these pages, please, someone let me know so I can correct them! (Like names, dates, ....etc.) This video project posted to my Website is one of many.
All I’ll finally say is, “I hope it moves you the way it does me every time I watch it!!!”
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