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ATTENTION: April 18th, 2023 - These WEBSITES are my future aspirations, though I'm a Homebound Severely Disabled Veteran. This is to be considered a HOBBY above ALL that is said within the documentation found on these WEBPAGES. I'm Legally Blind, Visually Impaired. I have Hearing and Speech problems. I have almost 40 years of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders ( PTSDs / MST ) and Military Service Connected Disabilities ( MSCDs / MST ). SO, PLEASE consider this as one of my go to HOBBIES until such time that this develops into something greater, THANKS!

My History and Knowledge

 Digital Recording Studio Engineering Services's Personal Card Front
Hello and welcome to Digital Recording Studio Engineering Services, or DRSES of Macon, Georgia USA! For many years I have been a multi-talented Professional Engineer. and DRSES represents all of my life long learned knowledge and abilities. The Website presence for DRSES was established in October 2012, DRSES has existed in one form or another since mid 1980.
Over most of those years, those who I worked for and with gave me help working around all of my Military Service Connected Disabilities ( MSCDs / MST ) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders ( PTSDs / MST ). I wish to thank all of them for their invaluable understanding of all my medical problems when working for them and when I was unable to work for long periods of time!
Providing a Resume of my past work history is worthless. It full of my medical problems and permanent disabilities. These caused by my MSCDs / MST , PTSDs / MST , and later, by the VA Medical Malpractice (AUG2009-JUL2015). These are the causes of my discontinuous work record, and, eventually making me unemployable since August 2009.
With all of these adversities since October 1984, I still held many different industry jobs. It has been my continuous ability to learn, cumulative knowledge, and ever expanding creative abilities that has allowed me to be able to move in and out of so many different aspects of the Audio, Video, and Broadcast fields of study earning the title of Professional Engineer.

DRSES Records - Macon, Georgia

 Billy Ray Fire
 DRSES Records, My Private Indie Record LABEL, is pronounced DRESS Records. Its a Private Self-Contained Recording Studio, DRSES of Macon Georgia, for the Artistic Works of Billy Ray Fire and the Twisted Wizards Paranormal Provocative Band, ONLY. DRSES of Macon Georgia is Disability Friendly And Associated Medical Problems Safe. It must be able to support my military / VA caused disabilities and associated medical problems.
This will be my fully functional Recording Studio where all recording, editing, mixing, mastering and publishing is done. This means that all Sayings, Images, Pictures, Lyrics, Vocals, Music, Songs, Videos, and Web Page Content will be created, written, and copyrighted here. All social media accounts will be handled through DRSES and DRSES Records.
My recording studio is presently a Make-Shift-Conglomeration of equipment. It will do the job that I need it to, for most of what I need to get done. So, please just dont blow me off as someone going nowhere. I want to get a chance to create something special, I just have to take my time.

Just Stating Some Facts About Today’s Music Industry

I worked in and around the Entertainment Industry for many years. Knowing such, Im not being arrogant, haughty, conceited, or self-important. I know that trying to make some music using my many lyrical pieces is a awesome goal, yet, Im not thinking that one or a few songs will make me a millionaire or be popular. Many people are making music these days.
Making some money will help me have a better life. Im not ruling out the possibility of having a hit, I just know that its just like winning the lottery. I do realize that you have to have a lottery ticket to even win the lottery or one of its Smaller Prize Amounts. I know that I have to have Skin In The Game to make any Prized Amounts of money in the music industry.

More Reasons To Do This, Its My Time To Share

 Digital Recording Studio Engineering Services's Personal Card Back
My Lifes collection of personal notes, diaries, and assorted poems have been converted into over 1300 lyrical pieces for songs, I only need to sing the lyrics and create the music. This as Im still writing more lyrical pieces each and everyday. Im not following the typical rules, these songs are going to be 100% mine, fully independently created.
All of this has been a work in progress. Singing my own songs started as an idea back in early 2012. It took me several years after that to piece together the beginnings of a recording studio. With all the medical problems ever since, now Ive got a chance at it once again. Im not looking at my past or present. Im looking at my future, what I want it to be.
Theres a time and a place for everything. With all things respected, the spiritual and natural, there is an opening that always presents itself. One should walk through that opening and never look back. I now walk through this first opening and as it closes behind me, Ill never look back, turnaround, and go back.
Faith in what closes behind me completely, with continued Faith for the next important opening to appear before me. As in the stepping stones of life, its time not to worry about how deep the waters are about the stones. Its my Faith in the dry stepping stones to get me where I need to go, keeping me on my path, each and every step I take. Thanks to all who helped me get this far.

Introducing, Billy Ray Fire’s Artistic Works Factory

I Write Music, Lyrics, & Songs - Im a Vocalist, Singer, & Musician
All Lyrics, Music Scores, & Songs created will be registered with the U. S. Copyright Office long before they are ever released.
The target Genre of my songs will be called Indie Futuristic Expressive Mystical Rock Music Or I FEM Rock, with some Ballads.
 TWPP Band is the Twisted Wizards Paranormal Provocative Band. Yes, Im the Twisted Wizard!
 Obscurely Taught Necromancing Wizards Magick is my belief. My belief is in Spiritual Wizardry Ways!
All Official Public Relations, Fan Club information, and Authorized Band Paraphernalia handled directly by Billy Ray Fire.
All Lyrics, Music Scores, and Songs Written by Billy Ray Fire - Performed by Billy Ray Fire & The TWPP Band.
All Songs Engineered, Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, & Published by DRSES - Published through BMI, TuneCore, & SoundExchange.
The Website Domains for Billy Ray Fire & Billie Rae Fire have been secured for all of the artistic works of Billy Ray Fire.

Helpful Legal Notes About Everything Here

 DRSES Legal Page
This Legal Link to the left of this paragraph is the ONLY place that I have stated ALL Legal Stuff about me. Yes, it takes a whole web page to address all the legal stuff that has come at me over the years. This page will also cover everything about all the created songs, created videos, my other artistic works, and to whom owns them.

Why I'm The Way I Am To This Day

 All About Me
 All About Me Link. This link will take you a Webpage all about me. I provide this not to seek pity, sympathy, or attention. I do it to show that with all my US Government, Military (USAF), and VA caused medical problems, I still try to do something with my life. I have never given up on living my life to the fullest.